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A pond can add a blast of life to a garden that plants and grass alone cannot match. It will attract wild life like birds, frogs and insects even newts. There is little that can match the sight of a vivid dragonfly hovering millimetres above the surface of flowing water, except maybe the sight of jewel bright Koi weaving beneath it.

A pond need not be big or deep to be beautiful. At Submarine Aquatics it doesn’t matter if you want a small, lively water feature created from a terracotta pot or a pond big enough to swim in. We can help and advise you from planning and digging to equipment and stocking. We carry all the must have supplies from blanket-weed buster to aqua-safe, our own brand food to top quality pro-biotic Koi pellets, even silkworm treatments. Plus we sell the pumps, liners, aquatic compost and, of course the fish.

In both our branches you will find vats constructed to look like submarines complete with portholes for the children to say hi to the inhabitants. In one you will find a range of Comets, Shubunkins, Lemon and Goldfish, each fat and at a perfect size to introduce to your pond. In another are the Ogon Koi with their beautiful, sparkling scales know as gin rin to the Japanese. They come in gold, buff, cream or platinum and will certainly stand out in the murkiest of pond. We also have the Ghost Koi, identifiable by the shadow markings all over their face and scales.

Then there are the Koi themselves. We supply sizes from just bigger than a hand to those as long as an arm, and all in the most beautiful colours. From classic red and whites to specimens that are sugared orange with patches of lacquered black or steel blue. We also have a good range of Sturgeon including diamond backs, long nose and white tip, even albino, each of which can make a friendly addition to a well-kept and healthy pond.

Sometimes there are going to be the less welcome issues of a pond. The team at Submarine Aquatics can help with problems such as algae and blanket weed, even the prevention of heron and seagull predation by advising you on the best way to disrupt the hunting techniques of those tenacious opportunists. All are staff are experienced with all aspects of pond start up and maintenance and will endeavour to give you all the support you need for every step of the way.

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