Marine Fish

Where else can you experience the beauty and wonder of the marine world in all its glorious splendour without visiting the exotics reefs of the world? Your own marine aquarium can bring this amazing underwater seascape into your own home for you and all your family and friends to enjoy.

Marine fish and their associated creatures such as shrimp and other invertebrates need a lot of care and you will find the advice from our staff at Submarine Aquatics invaluable. All fish need to be acclimatised to a new aquarium, but this is especially vital for saltwater fish which need very specific salinity when they are first introduced to their new home.

Live corals are not simply ‘rocks’ to decorate your aquarium with, but living things which will need a lot of care to keep them healthy. They will need specific companion species which will help to control their growth and keep them clean. Some fish and marine invertebrates have evolved specifically to live alongside corals and it is very important that your aquarium has the right combination to thrive.

Probably the biggest surprise if you are new to coral keeping is how beautiful they are when they are in good health and how different they can be. There are soft and hard corals, sea fans and ones that look like mushrooms, all in the most glorious colours. With some pretty clown fish and damsels flitting around, you will get endless pleasure just from watching your marine environment flourish.

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are only too happy to help guide you through every step of building your own dream marine world. As you develop your passion for fish keeping Submarine Aquatics are here to provide you with ongoing advice and support and have a vast network of the world’s leading brands and suppliers who work alongside us.

Tomato Clown Fish

Fire Shrimp

Blue Cray Fish

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