About Us

Submarine Aquatics is based at Johnsons Garden Centre at Chestfield, Whitstable.

We specialise in all areas of fish keeping and have a great range of Marine, Tropical and Freshwater fish plus all the accessories associated with the hobby. We have all the popular brands in store and work alongside our suppliers to provide our customers with whatever they need. If there is something specific you want that we don’t have in store then we are more than happy to source this for you.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are only too happy to help guide you through every step of the hobby. As you develop your passion for fish keeping Submarine Aquatics will be there to provide you with ongoing advice and support. From helping you select the right fish and inhabitants for your tank or pond to the art of balancing and maintaining a healthy environment or simply answering your aquatics questions, we are here to help.

Submarine Aquatics really is the Fishkeeper’s Paradise.